(WHTM) — Keshawn is a talented teen. Practicing his creativity on the West Shore Theatre stage while running lines with the managing director.

“For someone who hasn’t done theater an incredibly long time, and I told him he has a lot of the skills you can’t teach: a natural charisma and stage presence, knowing when to take that pause, and things like that.” Dustin LeBlanc, Managing Director, West Shore Theatre said.

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A summer camp hooked Keshawn into acting. “It was for Harry Potter. I also got a main role too. I was really surprised there way so many kids with so many skills.” Keshawn said.

“Keshawn is artsy, funny very personable, and fun to be around.”  Katie Juliana MSW, Older Child Matching Initiative Recruiter said.

Keshawn shares the skills he thinks a permanent family should possess. “I am not asking for a lot, just to see where someone is coming from someone that can listen. I think that is the best skill set a family can have.” Keshawn said.

“My wish for Keshawn is that he finds the family he’s looking for.  He wants a place where he feels understood, seen, heard, and a family who celebrates his uniqueness.” Juliana said.

Where does Keshawn see himself in 5 years?

“In college, making money, and possibly thriving.” Keshawn said.

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Hopefully, he will be starring in shows one day. “I am going to be looking for cast lists he is in so I can see some shows and support some shows and rooting him on from the audience,” LeBlanc said.