HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) — America has voted and the results are in for the 2021 Cadbury Bunny Tryouts.

Betty the Australian White’s Tree Frog from Stuart, FL. took the crown — urr, bunny ears — in the third annual Cadbury Bunny Tryouts.

Born less than a year ago, this is Betty’s first Easter, and aside from being a natural at the bunny hop, Betty is making history as the competition’s smallest winner, first amphibian and first female winner of the competition.

“Betty’s been a great addition to our home and we are so glad we get to share her with the rest of the world!” said Kaitlyn V., Betty’s owner. “She has been a wonderful companion at college and thanks to the support of my friends, family and the amphibian community, I know she’ll make Cadbury proud as she inherits the bunny ears.”

Over 12,000 entries were submitted nationwide making 2021 a record year for the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts.

The Cadbury team judges along with last year’s winner and guest judge, Lieutenant Dan, narrowed the contenders down to the most diverse 10 finalists ever, including a miniature horse, a goat and a donkey from York County.

Betty will not only star in the 2021 Cadbury Clucking Bunny Commercial but will also receive a $5,000 cash prize.

You can get a sneak peak of Betty’s commercial debut by clicking here.

The Cadbury brand is also donating $15,000 to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), continuing its partnership with the nation’s leading animal welfare organization.