Imagine a relaxing day peddling through beautiful Boiling Springs, Cumberland County. However, this isn’t your typical ride.  

“We call it Italian cycling because we’re riding these terrific bikes from Italy,” says Chris Paradysz, co-owner of Adventure Explorations.

No party crashers for this custom service.

“It’s all possible, in terms of what you choose to do. Show up with your vehicle — and the rest we’ll take care of. That’s really the simplest. Every single trip is tailored, and so, we will always take the people who want to be a group and that’s it. Fly fishing for sure is a big deal and it’s a big deal in town here as well, and we have some terrific partners locally too, that help us with that, so fly fishing, but cycling we mentioned, kayaking and canoeing, rock climbing something we very much involved with,” Paradysz said.

Lunch is included and so are the memories, while a team records your journey.

“During the trip, in addition to what people take on their own, we’re recording bits and bytes with what just happened,” Paradysz said.

Dillon Strouse of Newville will never forget the ride he checked off his bucket list.

“He asked to go on the boat. A boat going down the Susquehanna, with a 550-pound wheelchair, is a challenge –but he was game, as we were. He was out there for seven and a half hours. It was just a spectacular day,” Paradysz recalled.  

“Freedom, I was free. I love being on the boat and being on the water and I loved being on the boat,” Strouse said.

“Be vulnerable and be willing to peel the layers back. It will surprise you where what will come out. It’s there, it just has to, give it a chance,” Paradysz says.

Adventure Explorations offers one and two-day trips. The cost starts at $75.00 and can reach up to $600 depending on the excursion. For more information, click here.