LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — Majestic Gray Wolves, last seen roaming wild in Pennsylvania in the late 1800s, but in a Lancaster County Borough, the mystical creatures have a safe haven you are invited to visit.

“This is the Wolf Sanctuary of Pa. We are a nonprofit rescue for grey wolves and wolf dogs in Lititz, Pennsylvania,” said Michelle Mancini, education coordinator at the Wolf Sanctuary of Pa.

Fifty-four in all — piercing inquisitive eyes follow you as you pass through their fenced-in acres.

Although we’ve heard of the big bad wolf, “Wolves are not the fairytale creature to be feared,” Mancini said, but they’re also not pets evident as you walk past pack after pack.

“During our tours, we introduce folks to the wolves to teach them about their unique personalities and the dynamics of their different packs,” said Mancini.

Each one bears a name and a rescue story. The sanctuary offers regular admission and private tours to raise funds and awareness.

“They are an important member of the ecosystem and tours really help to communicate that,” added Mancini.

If you want to stay near the nonprofit, den up at the not affiliated for-profit, Speedwell Forge B&B. The main home features three cottages adjacent to the property

“Because of the proximity, bed and breakfast visitors can easily access the tours and they also have the opportunity to walk around during off-tour times,” said Mancini.

You can also check out the “all wolf” gift shop.

To get more facts and information about conservation and their importance in the wild, you can also adopt a wolf and financially help with its care.

When I visited Wolf Sanctuary of Pa. I didn’t want to go empty-handed, so a big thank you to Karns Quality Foods for donating 54 marrow bones — each tail-wagging resident received a treat.

We have more behind-the-scenes videos of the packs below along with additional information and links on how to visit Wolf Sanctuary of Pa.

Tours, which require a reservation, are held outside along walking trails and natural rocks, grass, and dirt. You can make your reservation by clicking here.

To make a donation, click here, and to adopt a wolf, click here.