Adams County Library book sale is back in business

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GETTYSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — It’s been a busy day at Redding’s Auction, located on Table Rock Road just north of Gettysburg. People showed up an hour before opening, waiting to get in, but, they were not here for an auction. They came for the Adams County Library’s Summer Book Sale.

“This is the best part,” Laura Goss, the Executive Director of the Adams County Library, said. “Watching everybody come in with their bags and grab all the books that they can hold.”

The sale is put together by Friends of Adams County Library system every year, except last year.

“Because of the pandemic, last year we did not have the sale,” Sharon Graff, President of Friends of Adams County Library, said.

As a result, this year they have over 35,000 books to sell.

“We already had about seven pallets of books in our storage unit. So they’ve been sitting there for a year, and the people in the Gettysburg area, Adams County, are very generous with their donations, and since January we have been getting about two thousand books a month, donated. We have a wonderful group of volunteers, who are very committed to sorting, and boxing up the books in the garage, preparing for the sale today,” Graff said.

Every year, kids are allowed to take five free books. Teachers are allowed a free bag of books. This year, they’re offering the same thing to first responders.

“This is the first year we’ve given free books to first responders,” Graff said. “A thank you to the community, all the services they’ve given us through the pandemic, we felt it was a little bit of a bonus we could give them.”

The book sale has been a big help to the Library’s bottom line.

“In the friend’s lifetime, which has been just over six years, they’ve donated over a million dollars to the library system,” Goss said.

However, she’s also happy to see a big community event restarted.

“We’ve just had so many people disappointed that we weren’t able to do this last year, so we’ve had a lot of community support, obviously donations, but people very excited to come in again,” Gross said.

The sale runs through Saturday, July 31st.

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