(WHTM) — Summer is about road trips and there is a lot to see and do here in the Keystone State. For many people and families, amusement parks are a fun getaway and a great way to make memories.

If you are a thrill seeker, or just like to go to amusement parks to enjoy the atmosphere, abc27 has put together a road trip that will hit all of the major amusement parks in the state.

1. Hersheypark

If you are in Central Pennsylvania, the first stop is Hersheypark, since it is the closest. Hersheypark features 15 roller coasters from mild to wild, as well as many family rides. The park also features a waterpark and zoo, all of which can be accessed with theme park admission.

2. Dutch Wonderland

Just hop, skip, and jump from Hersheypark is Dutch Wonderland. This park is perfect for those who have small children, as their park is geared towards families. The park is known for its kiddie rides and even features some roller coasters.

3. Dorney Park

Just north of the Midstate is Dorney Park in Allentown. This park features a few coasters and a great ride collection, from gentle to thrilling rides, the park has many to choose from. It also has one of the longest coasters on the east coast, Steel Force.

4. Knoebles

To get to the next park, you would have to travel west into Columbia and Northumberland Counties. Knoebels is known as the largest free admission park, where you pay per ride. If you are not into rides, Kneobles has you covered with many food and drink options, so you can sit back and relax as you people-watch and enjoy some yummy food.

5. DelGrosso’s Park

The next two parks are very close to each other and can probably both be done in one day. DelGrosso’s offers 30 rides to enjoy as well as a huge waterpark. The park has rides that anyone can enjoy, from low and slow to fast and thrilling, this park is for anyone. The water park features many slides and fun splash pads to cool down on a summer day.

6. Lakemont Park

This park features the world’s oldest operating roller coaster: Leap The Dips, which opened in 1902 This small park also features two other coasters, as well as go-karts, mini golf, and antique cars. There are even batting cages and basketball courts at the park.

7. Idlewild

This park features 40 rides for people of all ages. The 145-year-old park which is an hour or so outside of Pittsburgh is one of the best places for families and is considered to be the best children’s park according to Amusement Today. The park has different themed areas and features two roller coasters, the Rollo Coaster and a Wild Mouse.

8. Kennywood

The finale of our theme park road trip is Kennywood. Located in West Mifflin near Pittsburgh, this park has been designated as a National Historic Landmark back in 1987, and three roller coasters that date back from 1920 as well as modern coasters such as Steel Curtain and Phantom’s Revenge.

Now the worst part is the drive back to the Midstate with no parks to visit. But you can say that you visited almost all the parks the state has to offer in a few days!