(WHTM) — You might be someone who believes in the superstition that black cats are bad luck. However, there are many people who believe black cats to be quite the opposite.

Whether you think black cats are good luck, back luck, or in between, you can’t deny that they are adorable.

Oct. 27 is Black Cat Appreciation Day and in celebration, here are some fun facts about black cats from fixnation.org.

  • Pure black cats are extremely rare. You might think you’ve met or owned an all-black cat, but chances are that they have a few white hairs on their body.
  • Fishermen and sailors used to keep black cats onboard because they believed that they ensured a safe journey home. Similar to Calico cats, which are the official symbol of fortune in Japan, black cats have a value of luck associated with them.
  • Pirates from the 1700s had mixed opinions about black cats. If the cat was walking towards you, it was considered to be bad luck. However, if the cat was walking away from you, it was good luck. If a black cat decided to come on board and then leave the ship, that ship was essentially doomed to sink on its next voyage.
  • King Charles I of England had a black cat that he loved. The day it passed away the king stated that his luck had run out. Ironically, the next day he was arrested for treason.
  • In the world of theatre, black cats are considered good luck and many actors have been known to bring black cats backstage with them.
  • There are 22 recognized cat breeds that can have solid black coloring. The only breed that has all-black felines is the Bombay.
  • Opposite to how Calico cats are more often female than male, black cats are more often male than female.
  • John Lennon once had a black cat named Salt and a white one named Pepper

Black cats can also be appreciated for their athleticism and ambitious nature.

(Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images)

Afterall, it was a black cat that ran on the football field during the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys game back in 2019.