(WHTM) — March 16 is National Panda Day, a day for celebrating the fluffiest, bamboo-munching bears.

To celebrate the special day, here are some fun facts about pandas, according to chinahighlights.com.

(Photo by STR/AFP via Getty Images)

A “panda year” is equivalent to three human years.

Giant pandas can live 18 to 20 years, however in captivity they can live up to 25 to 30 years. The world’s oldest giant panda was named Xinxing and he lived to be 38 years old and four months, which is the equivalent of 115 human years.

Pandas have six fingers.

Pandas have a total of six fingers. This sixth finger acts like a human thumb, however it is a little different than a thumb because it does not have any moveable joints. It helps them to form their bamboo so they can eat it.

If a panda has twins, it will abandon one.

Bad news for all my fellow twins out there. Panda cubs are very dependent on their mothers and unfortunately a mom panda can’t raise two pandas at the same time. Female pandas don’t have sufficient milk or energy to care for two babies at once. Panda cubs are known to stay with their moms until they are two and a half years old, or until the mother panda is pregnant again.

All pandas do is eat and sleep.

Pandas are living the dream. A typical adult panda will spend as long as 12 hours eating and can eat up to 84 pounds of bamboo a day. When they aren’t looking for food, pandas spend their time sleeping.

Pandas like their alone time.

Pandas are solitary animals, meaning that they have their own territory and do not want it to be invaded by other pandas. Since they don’t need to hunt for food, pandas are content with their own 1 to 3 square miles of bamboo forest to survive.

Pandas used to eat meat.

After sabre-tooth tigers became extinct, Pandas didn’t need to worry about being fast to survive. In order to help save their own species, they became becoming bamboo-specialists.

Why do pandas have black and white coats?

Pandas have black and white coats to help them camouflage. Since they spend most of their time looking for bamboo, they need to blend into their surroundings. Pandas are white to blend into snow and black to blend into the shadows of the forests.