(WHTM) — So, it’s National S’mores Day, which means you are required to eat at least one s’more (or s’more-related treat). Making s’mores can be really fun, but if you’re not in the mood to set up an entire bonfire, here are some easy ways that you can make and enjoy a s’mores-themed treat.

Use the microwave:

All you have to do is gather your s’mores materials and head on over to the microwave. Stack a marshmallow and your favorite chocolate on top of a graham cracker. Without putting the second cracker on top, microwave it on high for 15 seconds or until you have a puffy marshmallow. Remove it, put the other cracker on, and you have a s’more in under a minute.

Use the air fryer:

I don’t know about you, but if I can cook something in the air fryer, I will. Everything tastes better when it’s “air fried.” Fry your bottom graham cracker and marshmallow at 390 degrees Fahrenheit or until your marshmallow starts to crisp. Top with your chocolate and graham cracker and enjoy!

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Use the oven:

Maybe you don’t have an air fryer, that’s okay. You can use your oven, and it is just as easy. Set your oven to broil, stack your graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate (don’t put the top cracker on yet), put it on a cookie sheet, and broil on the top rack for one to two minutes. Top with your second graham cracker and you’re done!

Use the grill:

If you want that “smokey” marshmallow taste and don’t have easy access to a campfire, grilling is probably your best option. Just set your grill to medium, lay down some foil, and place your fully assembled s’more on top. Gently wrap the s’more in the foil and cook under the covered grill for four to five minutes.

Make a s’mores skillet:

Happen to have a skillet? Well, you’re in luck because you can make this delicious treat. Just move your oven rack to the top, put your skillet in, and heat to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Add some chocolate chips, marshmallows, and heavy cream, and then bake for five to six minutes. Serve it up with some graham crackers for dipping!

Make some s’mores cookies:

It’s National S’mores day, but you’re in the mood for cookies. That’s tough, but what if I told you that s’mores cookies exist? It’s a little more involved to make, but the outcome will be so rewarding. Check out the recipe here.

Have a drink:

You just made the s’mores cookies, and now you have a ton of dishes to clean up and the kitchen is a mess. Why not have yourself a drink? There are many variations of s’mores cocktails out there that sound delicious, but here is a relatively easy recipe to follow.

Make a s’mores cookie sandwich:

Have some leftover cookies? Just heat up your cookie with your marshmallow and chocolate in the microwave for 15 seconds and top with another warm cookie. It is delicious, and it’s an effective use of leftovers!

Have yourself a milkshake:

Need something to wash your s’mores down? A milkshake will do the trick. Just take vanilla ice cream, milk, chocolate, graham cracker, and chocolate syrup and put it in your blender. Blend until smooth and it’s ready to enjoy!

Make s’mores rice cereal treats:

Maybe you’re looking for an option that is easy and can feed a decent amount of people. All you have to do is make your rice cereal treats according to the box, add in your s’more fixings, and let it cool. Talk about easy and delicious!

Make a s’mores sundae:

All you need is your favorite ice cream, some hot fudge, chocolate pieces, graham cracker crumbles, marshmallow fluff or mini marshmallows, and whipped cream. It is so easy to personalize it and add your own spin to it!

Make a s’mores cake:

If you’re feeling adventurous, the ultimate National S’mores Day homage is to make a s’mores cake!

Check out the recipe here.

You can share it with others, or just eat it yourself because that is totally acceptable too!