(WHTM) – If you have an iPhone, you have a built-in plant identification feature – no extra apps taking up storage on your phone needed.

There are lots of apps that identify different plant species, but there’s no need for them if you have an iPhone.

Whether the plant you’re looking at is something you think is beautiful and want to add to your garden or you’re just curious on a hike, all you have to do to identify a plant is open your camera app and snap a photo.

When you pull up the photo in your gallery, the “i” in a circle under the photo will have two little stars next to it. Press that and a box of information will appear. The box will tell the settings that were used for the photo and where it was taken on a map. At the top of the box will be a little leaf with the words “Look Up – Plant” next to it and an arrow.

Pressing that will give you plants that Siri identifies as having similar features to the one in your photo. Information on each plant will be revealed along with linking to a page that gives even more information.

There will also be a box for “Similar Web Images” that can help you further decide exactly what plant you are looking at.

This handy little tool is helpful because you don’t have to use it right away. Just snap the photo and use the feature later whenever you’re ready. If you have an iPhone, you’re equipped with all the tools you need to be able to identify plants around you.