(WHTM) — McDonald’s is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the beloved Pokémon franchise by having special edition cards in their happy meals, but not without problems.

Pokémon has been popular since its release in 1996, but it has now skyrocketed in demand, causing Mcdonald’s to either sell out of the happy meals and even limiting the number of happy meals per customer.

More than just children love this franchise and will do just about anything to collect them all. 

Scalpers have reportedly been buying up to 10 happy meals at a time to get their hands on these cards, and then getting back into line to buy 10 more.

There are 25 cards available to collect, and there is a holographic version of each card, totaling 50 altogether.

The holographic iconic Pikachu can be found on eBay already for $200.

Pokémon cards tend to gain in value as time goes on. For example, the original packs of cards that were produced in 1996 can be sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars per pack.

McDonald’s started the promotion on February 9th and has been prepped on how to go about selling these cards.