LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — During Lancaster County’s annual Extraordinary give, events in downtown Lancaster tend to grab the most attention.

But a lot of things are happening in a lot of places all across the county. At the East Petersburg Area Civic Center, for example, four organizations are taking up two floors.

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On floor one we have the Powerpacks project, which provides food for kids when school meal programs are not available. There’s also the East Petersburg Events Committee. Their mission?
According to Linda Rannels, “We do a lot of events at our park to bring out our community, have people come together, and just enjoy each other and enjoy our beautiful park. “

Around the corner is ORCA – which has nothing to do with sea life. It’s an acronym for-

“Organization for Responsible Care for Animals,” says Jodie Shive. “Our mission is to help any ill or injured animals, we also assist police, and after rescuing them we rehabilitate those animals and get them up for adoption so they can find a forever home.”

ORCA helps domestic animals. Up on the second floor, Raven Ridge Wildlife Center deals with wild animals. They have items for sale, raffles, and interesting activities, including things like dissecting an owl pellet. (Hey, don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.) And of course they brought along some of their animal ambassadors. Their newest, Meret the broad-winged hawk, is meeting the public for the first time.

“He’s doing very well,” says Raven Ridge rehabber Tracie Young. “So this is his debut, Meret, the broad-winged hawk is out, and he’s enjoying seeing other people and people seeing him. It’s nice to have a smaller hawk to show the public, everyone’s used to seeing the red-tailed hawk, sharp-shinned, cooper’s hawk, but the broad-wings are also around.”

One of their main fundraising goals this year?

“A washer and drier, that’s right. So the washer and drier that we need to keep up with all the laundry and the amount of laundry we need is heavy-duty, and along with that is a heavy-duty price tag.”

We’re happy to announce that goal has been met, with lots of time left on the Extraordinary Give.