(WHTM) — From purple ketchup to even a line of food made by a toothpaste company, there have been some weird food products that have been released over the years.

Here are some food products that were released but failed to appeal to consumers.

Ore Ida Funky Fries

(Photo by H.J. Heinz Company/Getty Images)

These fries featured weird flavors such as sour cream and onion, cinnamon, and even chocolate. They also came in a ring shape and some were colored blue.

The product was released in 2002 but was quickly discontinued in 2003 after low sales, according to Reader’s Digest.

Coca-Cola BlāK

(Photo by The Coca-Cola Company via Getty Images)

This was a drink that was introduced in 2006 and was marketed as a soda-coffee hybrid drink.

Mashed.com states that the result of mixing high fructose corn syrup and the sweetener aspartame caused the drink to be “syrupy sweet” with a “double whammy of bitterness in the aftertaste, which came from the coffee extract and the aspartame,” the website said.

The drink was discontinued in 2008.

Heinz EZ Squirt Ketchup

(Photo Courtesy of Heinz/Getty Images)

This one was truly a weird one, (and one I remember my parents purchasing for me at one time)

Introduced in 2006, this ketchup was released in purple, green, and teal. It was packaged in a bottle reminiscent school glue container, according to Reader’s Digest.

The products didn’t taste any different than regular ketchup, but after years of trying to make it work, the product was discontinued six years after its release, according to the website Bored Panda.

Snacks containing fat-free additive Olestra

(Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

This is a perfect example of a great idea but bad execution.

The chip contained the additive Olestra, during the low-calorie craze of the 1990s. These chips were extremely popular but they lost popularity quickly due to unpleasant side effects. The Museum of Failure states that the body could not absorb the substance which caused a lot of gastric problems.

Needless to say, most people ended up in the bathroom after eating chips or snacks with the additive Olestra.

Pepsi Blue Soda

(Photo by Getty Images)

Marketed as a “berry cola infusion”, was introduced in 2002. The website TastingTable states that the soda was released in 2002, just two months after the launch of Vanilla Coke. Snack History says that Pepsi Blue did well in its first year, but was discontinued in 2004.

The drink made a comeback in 2021, but it was once again discontinued just as it was almost two decades prior, according to TastingTable.

Strange Oreo Flavors

(Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

From Swedish Fish Oreos to even Hot Chicken Wing Oreos, some of the flavors of the famous cookie did well, and some did not. According to the websites Mashed and Oola, Some that didn’t do so well include

  • Candy Corn Oreos
  • Red Velvet Oreos
  • Cookie Dough Oreos
  • Berry Burst Oreos
  • Cotton Candy Oreo
  • Caramel Apple Oreo