HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Actor Lori Livingston once called Harrisburg home.

“I basically grew up not so wealthy, a little bit more impoverished. Basically, in the south side of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. So, it was South 13 Street, they called it Hoverter Homes at the time,” Livingston said.

At 12 years old, Livingston became a Milton Hershey School Spartan. “The way we were growing up, it put us in a much better environment, a much more stable environment,” she said.

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After graduation, she started her modeling career in college.

“I had done New York Fashion Week. I had done Miami Fashion Week. I was everywhere modeling for Valentino,” Livingston explained.

But, soon, her joy turned to fear.

“At the high of my career, in Paris, France, my son called me to let me know he had come down with cancer,” she said. A rare form of cancer.

Livingston returned home to care for, her then 16-year-old son, Devin. Plus, she continued to work to make ends meet.

“I commuted back and forth between Hollywood, HSN as a model, and then coming to Tennessee to meet my son,” she said. It was a grueling five years of travel and doctor’s visits. Then, Devin finished chemotherapy and met Livingston in Los Angeles.

“In the course of that, I was shooting my first movie with Marvel. The financial toll, it really had taken a toll. While I was filming the movie ‘Captain Marvel’ we were completely homeless at the time,” Livingston explained. A situation that, according to Livingston, the people at ‘Captain Marvel’ were unaware of.

“I played the Skrull. I did make Hollywood history even back then for the simple fact that the Skrulls were in the comic books, but the Skrulls hadn’t made it to the big screen yet,” she explained. “I was one of the original nine Skrulls.”

Then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and Hollywood shut down. Survival mode kicked in for Livingston until finally, a callback.

I was auditioning, and I got the role on ‘WandaVision’. When I showed up on set, I didn’t know what I was looking at. I heard about WandaVision, but I didn’t know details,” she said. “So by the time I got there they had already finished the show.”

She played her part as an FBI Skrull Agent, and in the final scene, Livingston’s name scrolled on the screen.

“The end credits in Marvel are usually reserved for the top stars,” she said. “Sure enough, I was in the end credit. Not only blew me up but everyone else.”

Fortunately for Livingston, this means her character will appear again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“I can’t of course give away any secrets, but you never know where I could pop up at,” she said.

As for Livingston’s son? Now 24-years-old. He beat the odds and is now in remission.