HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) — Hersheypark is known for making memories and guests being Hersheypark Happy.

But, some people don’t have the best experience of the Sweetest Place on Earth. Sometimes, people resort to posting their alleged awful experiences. Sometimes, these reviews seem too ridiculous to be true.

Here are some of the oddest reviews about Hersheypark that were written by reviewers on either TripAdvisor, Yelp, or Google Reviews

On Yelp, a reviewer doesn’t like candy being featured at the park and rated the experience one star.

“The smell of candy and chocolate is everywhere. I HATE CANDY!

Another Yelp reviewer had this to say about the park’s pizza:

“This triangular slab of hell was thrown onto my flimsy cardboard tray with such vigor the fake cheese that lay greasily on it jiggled as if it had been thrown down to earth by Thor.

On Google Reviews, one reviewer couldn’t find anything sweet about the park:

“No fun rides. No giant Hershey kisses. Nothing. No good food. No ice-cold drinks. Just a waste of money,” the review said in part.

Another reviewer was not very happy regarding the names of the rides at the park:

“Completely overrated. All the rides have annoying names. One of the worst amusement parks I have ever been to. Left early and will never be back,” the review said.

Regarding sooperdooperLooper, one review didn’t think the ride was “super”

“Should be called the 1 looper, or the super lame!” said the reviewer.

Another reviewer had this to say regarding the coaster:

“One loop. Hit my head. Quite slow too.”

This reviewer was upset regarding the kiddie coaster, Cocoa Cruiser:

Fine for little kids but it’s the worst roller coaster that I’ve ever been on. I was just disappointed that it wasn’t a little bigger.”

This reviewer on TripAdvisor said the branding was too much:

“Everywhere you go there is branding. This place made me not like chocolate. 1 star.”

Another reviewer on Trip Advisor thought the Hershey offerings were subpar in their review:

 I went to buy ice cream, expecting to get Hershey’s Ice Cream with reses pieces. NOPE – they said the park doesn’t sell Hershey’s products – they just have an outside vendor with generic brand everything. WHAT!!! I am at HERSHEY PARK – I wanted chocolate on my pretzel, on my ice cream – heck I would try it on a pizza. Disappointed. You have all let Milton down.