(WHTM) — With the busy holiday travel weekend fast approaching, accidents may happen while driving.

But what do you do if you or you witness someone involved in an accident that involves electrical equipment? FirstEnergy offers tips to stay safe when it comes to vehicle accidents involving power lines, power poles, or any other electrical equipment.

“Car accidents involving utility equipment are especially dangerous due to the potential for live wires,” said Candy Webb, manager of Public Safety at FirstEnergy. “We encourage schools, driver education teachers, and first responders – and anyone who gets behind the wheel – to watch and share the video, which provides guidance about the best way to handle this type of situation.”

FirstEnergy has created a video regarding how to deal with accidents involving any electrical equipment which can be found here.

As quoted in the release, here are tips to remember after an accident involving electric equipment.

Stop and look around to identify safety hazards, including downed or damaged lines, poles, or electrical equipment.

  • Stay in the car unless the vehicle is smoking or on fire.
  • Signal to others to stay at least 30 feet from the vehicle, keeping pets away as well.
  • Call 911 immediately.
  • In the case of smoke or fire, exit by jumping out and clear of the vehicle with your feet together, making sure no part of your body touches the vehicle and ground at the same time.
  • Shuffle your feet, keeping them as close together as possible, while moving 30 feet from the vehicle to help prevent electrical injury

More tips on staying safe around electricity and near power lines and equipment are available on FirstEnergy’s “Stop. Look. Live.” safety website.