Dillsburg, Pa. (WHTM) – Not every historical marker in the state of Pennsylvania is erected by the State of Pennsylvania. Case in point, a marker put up in 1990, by the Northern York County Historical and Preservation Society. Located on Baltimore Street, not far from the Dill Tavern, it commemorates the day in 1863 when Jeb Stuart and his Confederate Cavalry rode through Dillsburg.

James Ewell Brown Stuart, or Jeb for short, commanded the cavalry of the Army of Northern Virginia. When Robert E. Lee led the army in an invasion of Pennsylvania in June of 1863, Stuart planned to ride around the Union Army and meet up with the rest of Lee’s army army closer to Harrisburg, wreaking as much havoc as he could along the way.

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As it turned out much of the havoc he wreaked was on his own command. Brushes with Union forces kept nudging him farther east than he wanted. When he reached Hanover on June 30th, he clashed with Union cavalry, in what would be the largest battle to ever happen in Pennsylvania-for less than 24 hours.

Stuart decided to make for Carlisle, in the hopes of linking up with the rest of the army there. His troops traveled east through York County through Jefferson, then headed north to Dover. There he split his forces into two columns. One rode north on the old York Road, the other took what’s now Route 74. All along the way they…requisitioned…anything they could get their hands on.

Stuart and his exhausted cavalrymen arrived in Dillsburg in the early evening of July first.

Stuart rode on to Carlisle with part of his command. The remainder, under Brigadier General Wade Hampton III, stayed near Dillsburg to await further orders and try to get some rest, when they were not requisitioning.

A little after midnight, Hampton got new orders from Stuart. The weary men climbed back onto their weary horse, and headed south, to a small town in Adams County named Gettysburg.

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