CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) — Several members from Carlisle Country Club purchased motorcycle golf carts to use during their rounds on the course. The carts are 100% electric, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to normal gas-powered golf carts.

The carts are totally safe for golf courses, and Carlisle Country Club Head Pro Dan Baker says “they’re actually less destructive than a normal golf cart for a course. The turf tires allow for smooth riding, and they’re super light thanks to only needing one battery.” The battery takes anywhere from 2-4 hours to charge, depending on the battery level. A full battery typically lasts for two full rounds.

Baker says these golf carts allow players to speed up their round. “Each person has their own motorcycle, so they can go straight to their ball. With a normal golf cart, each cart seats two people so they have to alternate going to each others’ ball.” The cart is able to reach a top speed of 15 miles per hour, which is similar to a normal golf cart.

Fully-equipped Finn Scooters motorcycle golf cart

Players can strap their bags in the middle of the bike, leaving optimal room for seating. The throttle is on a lever on the handlebar, and the bike has front and back brakes. There’s a cupholder in the front and a place to hold divot seed for players to help repair their divots on the course. The bike features a golf club kickstand to help prop up the bike. Players can add a Finn cooler to their cart for an additional charge.

In regards to what Baker likes most about the motorcycle cart, he says “Fun. That would be about it. Fun. It’s really cool to see four of these going out on the golf course at the same time.”

In total, 8 carts were purchased. These are the only motorcycle golf carts in the central PA area currently. The carts are made by Finn Scooters, and retail for $3,499.

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