(WHTM) — Between December 25 and January 1, a lot of people think about endings and beginnings, looking back and looking forward, ringing out the old and ringing in the new. This includes people who come up with holidays. Between Christmas and New Year’s Day, there are a lot of celebrations of getting things done and thinking about the future. So here, culled from the sites Days of the Year, Good Housekeeping, and National Today are some days devoted to ending the year on a positive note. (There are links to the sites at the end of the article.)

December 26: National Thank You Note Day

When was the last time you actually sat down at a desk, pulled out a piece of paper and a pen, and actually wrote somebody a thank you note by hand? Granted, there are faster, easier ways to communicate these days, but a handwritten note sends a message that you care for someone, above and beyond just the words on the paper. (You can also use a pencil. Or a crayon. Or a marker. Or paint. Or glue and glitter. Or…)

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December 27: International Day of Epidemic Preparedness

Would it surprise you to hear this day was created in response to COVID? The first International Day of Epidemic Preparedness was called for by the United Nations General Assembly in 2020, to shine a spotlight on preparing for epidemics, setting in place systems to detect, respond to, and possibly even nip an epidemic in the bud-all things sadly lacking at the beginning of the COVID outbreak.

December 28: National Call a Friend Day

When was the last time you called somebody just because? Phone calls used to be the primary way we all stayed in contact with one another, but these days it’s often simpler to text or email. Simpler, but not necessarily better. Our voices can convey nuances that would need pages of text to duplicate-if they can be duplicated at all. Written messages can never provide the degree of personal connection that a simple phone phone can achieve-especially if it’s a long-time friend you literally haven’t heard from in a while.

December 28: National Download Day

If there’s some app you’ve been thinking of adding to the collection of little icons on your cell phone, today is your day. No matter what your interests are, there’s an app for that. (Today’s trivia – the most downloaded app of all time is Facebook.)
December 29: Still Need To Do Day

We all make “to-do” lists, whether we write them down or keep them in our heads. “Still Need to Do Day” is when we see how many more tasks we can check off our lists before the New Year rolls around and it’s time to start a new to-do list. The important thing – get started. You’ll never finish a task you never start…

December 29: Tick Tock day

The clock is ticking! And tocking! You have just two days left to finish your tasks from this year! (Not to pressure you or anything…)

December 30: National Resolution Planning Day

Why wait til New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day to make your New Year’s resolutions? Get started today, then you have time to figure out how to keep those resolutions before they lower the giant pickle in Dillsburg.

December 30: Festival of Enormous Changes at the Last Minute

Not that there’s an actual festival involved, but this is a day to wrap up your plans from this year before moving on to next year. There is still time to finish some things and tweak your plans for the upcoming year.

December 31: Make Up Your Mind Day

It can be difficult to make a decision. Sometimes, people can be paralyzed by the very prospect. Make Up Your Mind Day encourages people to face their fears of making a decision, and do things.

December 31: No Interruptions Day

This is the day to turn off all those electronic distractors and get stuff done. Put your phone on “do not disturb”. If something at work is a constant distraction, stay away from it. No texting. No web browsing. If you do anything online, make it cleaning up and organizing your email account(s). Dump old paperwork, and/or old office supplies. Make sure to update your work calendar for the new year. And let no one or no thing interupt you efforts.

December 31: Unlucky Day

OK, so maybe you had some bad breaks this year. This day is all about putting that behind you and moving on. After all, tomorrow is a whole new year!

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