Harrisburg (WHTM) — A lone Canada Goose settles down in Riverfront Park in Harrisburg.

Usually, Canada Geese hang out in a flock, but this one seems to want to spend some quality time alone. One can’t help wondering what the goose is thinking about:

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“Do I really, really want to migrate this year?”

“Where did the rest of the flock go? They were right behind me…”

“To fly or not to fly? It’s just a matter of a pinion.”

“Should I be worried about the human with the three-legged, one-eyed creature?”


“I wish I could relax more-I thought hanging out by the river was supposed to be calming.”

“Could be worse, someone could show up with a dog.”

“E = mc2

“If I wasn’t a birdbrain, I’d be bored.”

“Maybe I should go for a swim.”

“♫ Fly like an eagle ♫ “

“Why can’t I get up now?” Dang, I think my feet fell asleep.”

“Winter is coming!”