KEMPTON, Pa. (WHTM) — Hawk Mountain Sanctuary has a number of locations along Blue Mountain to observe the annual spring and fall migrations of birds of prey. Even when it’s not migration season, you’re still likely to see raptors flying by, and even if there are no birds, you still have spectacular views of mountains and valleys.

These views are taken at South Lookout. It’s the closest viewing site to the entrance gate of the sanctuary, a short walk of 175 yards on a well-maintained trail, which is accessible to motorized wheelchairs, and manual wheelchairs with assistance.

On the lookout, you are standing about 1,300 feet above sea level, which on a very clear day means you might be able to see more than 40 miles. (It was not a very clear day when we were there, but what we saw was still great.) Your field of view is primarily north and east. About 600 feet below you is the River of Rocks, a boulder field formed during the last ice age. (Glaciers had nothing to do with the rock field. Extreme freeze-thaw cycles broke up the boulders, and gravity did the rest.)

And yes, we did see one bird fly by…