(WHTM) — Pennsylvania is full of cities and metro areas, but you may only think that tall buildings are only in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. But there are some tall buildings right here in the cities of Central Pennsylvania.

Here are some of the tallest buildings in our area.

Penn National Insurance Plaza

This building was completed in 1996 and features 15 floors with a height of 229 feet. It is home to the headquarters of the Penn National Insurance Company. Construction on the building began in 1994 and goes by the name Two North Second Street, according to Skyscraper Center.

Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square

This building is the tallest building in the city of Lancaster, standing at around 236 feet tall. Located at 25 South Queen Street, the building features 19 floors and was completed in 2009. Skyscraper Center says that the owner of the building is the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Lancaster.

Market Square Plaza

This is the 6th tallest building in Harrisburg, standing at a height of 246 feet. This all-steel building features 18 floors and was completed in 2005. According to Murray Associated Architects, the lobby includes mahogany wall panels, marble floors, brushed aluminum, and mahogany wood ceilings.

Fulton Bank Building

Standing at a height of 257 feet, the building was started in 1929 and completed in 1930. The building has also been known as the Hotel Harrisburger. The hotel closed in 1969 and was adapted as an office tower with a bank as the prime tenant. The SAH Archipedia states that the tower was built in the Art Deco style and looked to New York sources for inspiration.

Presbyterian Apartments

This Harrisburg residential building was completed in 1969 and reaches a total height of 260 feet. Located at 322 North Second Street, the building features 23 stories and is the fourth tallest building in Harrisburg.

Pennsylvania State Capitol

The most famous building in Harrisburg, if not the entire state. Construction of the building began in 1902, with it being completed in 1906 and stands at a height of 272 feet above the city of Harrisburg. The statue at the top of the dome, named Commonwealth, was hoisted into place in 1905. The statue was sculpted by Roland Hinton Perry and is based on a sketch from the building’s architect. The statue was restored in 1998.

Pennsylvania Place

This Harrisburg building reaches a height of 291 feet. The structure was built in 1973 and is a residential building. The building was recladded in 1998.

333 Market Street

The tallest building in the area, this structure reaches a height of 341 feet and features 22 floors. According to Skyscraper Center, the building also has been called the Pennsylvania Department of Education Building