HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — abc27 is in the midst of hosting three statewide political debates ahead of Pennsylvania’s primary elections. Democratic Senate candidates debated last Thursday, Republican Senate candidates debated on Monday, and Republican candidates for governor will participate in a debate on Wednesday. But our favorite feuding duo — James Crummel and Adis Juklo — faced off on Tuesday to debate the best season.

Watch the full debate in the player above, or catch up on the highlights below.

Key moments:

Favorite seasons: Adis Juklo, abc27 meteorologist, says his favorite season is fall because of the combination of warm days and cooler nights as well as holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. “By September and October, we are tired — at least I am tired — of the heat, I’m tired of sweating,” Juklo said.

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In contrast, abc27 anchor James Crummel posited that “summer is where it’s at.” Hot weather, vacations, and swimming are some of the reasons Crummel says summer is the superior season.

Controversial quote: Debate moderator Seth Kaplan brought up a quote from Juklo from Oct. 23, 1999, when then 3-year-old Juklo allegedly said, “Mommy, I’m cold.” Juklo claims to like cold weather, Kaplan noted, but that sounds more like a complaint.

“That is taken way out of context,” Juklo responded. “I like winter in the winter.”

“So you believe in one thing in Pittsburgh and another thing in Philadelphia?” Kaplan asked.

Self-interest accusation: Kaplan noted that Crummel has been seen looking at beach pictures and buying a bathing suit, perhaps indicating that his support for summer is based on self-interest rather than concern for what Pennsylvanians want.

“Of course it’s about my self-interest, everybody knows that,” Crummel responded. “When I’m happy, everybody’s happy.”

Final thoughts:

After the debate, abc27 digital producer Ben Schad caught up with the candidates.

“I just thought it was some vicious attacks on my character from Adis,” Crummel said after the debate. “I expected better.”

“I think I presented my argument, and I hope the people of Pennsylvania would agree. There’s a lot to do outside in the fall,” Juklo said.

Watch the Republican primary gubernatorial debate hosted by abc27 on Wednesday, April 27, at 8 p.m.