(WHTM) — A local state House race is expected to attract a lot of attention in November when state Rep. Patty Kim (D) will take on Republican challenger David Buell in the newly redrawn 103rd House district.

Incumbent Democratic state Rep. Patty Kim won a decisive victory over newcomer Heather MacDonald in Pennsylvania’s primary election, and on the Republican side, David Buell defeated Jennie Jenkins-Dallas. Kim and Buell say they are ready for what comes next.

“I look forward to the competition. We’ll continue to work really hard,” said Kim.

Buell plans to “find out where our precincts are good and where we need to do a little bit of work.”

The redrawn district includes parts of Harrisburg and Cumberland County. Both candidates say they are prepared to serve both sides of the river.

“I know after talking to a lot of families, public education is important for all families, safe streets are important for all families, and the tolling of the bridge is a big issue for some folks, as well,” said Kim.

“We will treat it as one big community. Obviously there are different needs, and you don’t want to siphon resources from one to help another and make one weaker and one stronger,” Buell said.

Both candidates say they will take a few days off and then prepare for the general election in November.