(WJET) — Pennsylvania’s Primary Election is less than a week away. On Wednesday, some big-name Democrats were in Erie for the party’s annual Spring Dinner. WJET went to the Erie County Democratic Headquarters for a preview.

Among those big names was Attorney Josh Shapiro, who is the presumptive Democratic nominee for governor. Shapiro is running unopposed in the primary election for Pennsylvania governor.

Shapiro arrived in the evening at the Erie County Democratic Party Headquarters on State Street. He spoke to a crowd of supporters with Austin Davis, who he has endorsed for Pennsylvania lieutenant governor.

Shapiro said that the polls indicate Doug Mastrinio will be his opponent in the general election.

Although he is running unopposed in the primary election, he said that it is important that all registered voters get out and vote on Tuesday because a lot is at stake in this election.

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“The reality is we need to act right now in Pennsylvania to help consumers. We should repeal the nuisance tax like the cell phone tax, help seniors stay in their homes by doubling the property tax rent rebate, and giving every single Pennsylvanian with a car a $250 rebate. Let’s put money back in people’s pockets to offset the rising costs,” said Shapiro, Democratic candidate for Governor.

When asked about running against Shapiro in the general election, Mastriano said, “We’re going to beat him so bad, we’re gonna smoke him like a bad cigar.”

Just moments ago Shapiro reacted to that quote.

“I think that the stakes have never been higher. It is pretty clear he’ll be my opponent and the differences couldn’t be more stark. I will bring that fight to the good people of Pennsylvania and show them the difference,” said Shapiro.

John Fetterman and Connor Lamb are among the other big-name candidates expected at the dinner on Wednesday.