(WHTM) – Voters in Pennsylvania will head to the polls on May 17 for the 2022 primary election. Voters who are unable to travel to their polling place due to illness, disability, or travel are eligible to receive a mail-in or absentee ballot.

Any voter registered in Pennsylvania may request a mail-in ballot, while absentee ballots can be requested by voters with disabilities or an illness that prevents them from going to their polling place on election day, or those who will be absent from their municipality on Election Day. 

Request forms for either an absentee or mail-in ballot must be received by your county election board by 5 p.m. on May 10, 2022.

Voted ballots must be received by your county election board by 8 p.m. on May 17, 2022. Ballots postmarked on May 17 but not yet received will not be included.

Voters may return their voted mail-in or absentee ballot to their county election board of election office during that office’s business hours, or another officially designated location.

If you have an emergency (such as an unexpected illness or disability or last-minute absence from your municipality) you may still be able to get a ballot after the deadline.

If you already submitted a mail-in or absentee ballot, you cannot vote at your polling place on Election Day.

Find information about how to get an emergency absentee ballot on the Vote.PA.Gov website.

How to request an absentee or mail-in ballot in Pennsylvania

Voters have three options for applying for a mail-in or absentee ballot:

  • Apply online
    • Registered voters can apply for a mail-in or absentee ballot online with a valid PA driver’s license or photo I.D. from the PA Department of Transportation (PennDOT) or the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.
  • Apply by mail
    • Voters who plan to be out of the municipality on election day or have a disability or illness that prevents them from going to their polling place on election day can use the Absentee Ballot Application
    • You can contact your county election board directly to request a paper application. 
    • Contact the Department of State to request an application by emailing ra-voterreg@pa.gov or calling 1-877-VOTESPA
    • Send your mail-in or absentee ballot application to the county election office.
    • Paper applications can be downloaded from the Department of State’s website.
  • Apply in person at your county election board’s office or another designated location
    • Apply in person at your county election board or other designated locations. Once your county’s ballot is finalized and available, you may request and promptly receive your mail-in ballot.

Military and overseas voters should visit the information for military and overseas voters web page for information on how they can obtain an absentee ballot.

What’s the annual mail-in ballot request?

Voters have the option to request to be added to the annual mail-in ballot request list where you’ll receive an application to renew your mail-in ballot request each year. Once your request is approved, you will automatically receive ballots for the remainder of the year, and you do not need to submit an application for each election.

Learn more about the annual mail-in ballot request and other frequently asked questions regarding voting on the Vote.PA.Gov website.