CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) – All Pennsylvania counties had to have new voting machines Tuesday. Governor Wolf ordered that to prevent fraud, and Cumberland and Dauphin counties are using them for the first time. The new machines are required to have voter verifiable paper trails and county officials say so far, so good.

“This is a different type of election. We are working with COVID-19. We also added the mail in ballots and we also have new voting machines,” said Samantha Krepps, Cumberland County Communications Director.

Cumberland County chose the Express Vote XL machines. A poll worker will insert a card, then you make your selections on the screen, review, and print your ballot. The machine then automatically saves it into a secure container.

“The voting machines are working great, and we’ve gotten a lot of good feedback,” said Krepps.

Northampton and Philadelphia counties used those same machines in November, but faced technical issues and long lines. Those issues were brought to federal court, but a judge ruled they meet all certification guidelines.

“We don’t have a long wait time. We do have more than 37,000 mail in ballots, so that may have had something to do with less people going to the polls,” said Krepps.

Meanwhile, Dauphin County was the final county in the state to vote to purchase the new machines.

“Given the fact that it’s a new voting system, our judges have done an admirable job. All the polls were open at 7 a.m. Everyone had at least one scanner up and running, so voters were able to vote without incident,” said Jerry Feaser, Director, Dauphin County Bureau of Voter Registration and Elections.