HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — As Trump emails flooded inboxes with claims of fraud and stolen elections, and his legal team worked the courts, the Republican Attorneys General Association made their own complaint.

After nearly five days of Pa. counties canvassing mail-in ballots, RAGA complained to the U.S. Supreme Court that the Pa. Supreme Court made a mistake in allowing the counting of ballots three days after the election.

“It’s akin to referees getting to change the rules of the game midway through the football game,” said Jeff Landry, President of RAGA and Lousiana’s Attorney General.

Landry asserted that the referees in this case are the judges, and they shouldn’t get to write the rules that the legislation created.

In terms of changing the ballot extension legislation, it is unclear how many ballots were collected after Election Day and whether there’s enough to change the result. Senator Pat Toomey says the President should get his day in court.

‘When all of that is done, it does look as if Joe Biden is going to be the next President,” Senator Toomey said.

Republican Congressman Fred Keller argues those late-arrive ballots are not legal. He believes the in-person voting rules should be the same for mail-in ballots.

“If somebody didn’t get to the polls on Tuesday, they can’t show up on Wednesday morning and vote. Their [in-person] vote didn’t count on Wednesday,” Congressman Keller explains.

Keller also questions Philadelphia, which pushed Joe Biden over the top and allegedly into the White House. Specifically, Keller wonders why Philadelphia didn’t want to let people watch if they were adhering to proper canvassing protocols with the late-arriving ballots.

But according to Al Schmidt, a Republican commissioner in Philadelphia overseeing the election, he isn’t quite sure about the criticism the city is receiving. Schmidt insists that checks are in place and only legal votes have been counted.

Toomey believes once the process is done, it will be clear that Pa. had a fair process.

“Over the years, the President’s personality traits were objectionable to a lot of folks, especially in suburbs, and I think that was just enough to narrowly cost him the election,” Toomey said.

Unlike RAGA members, Republicans in the state legislature are not challenging the count. But why would they? Although they have asked for Governor Tom Wolf to review the canvassing process, Pa. Republicans had a lot of election results work in their favor following the 2020 general election.