HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The Republican race for U.S. Senate is finally over. Dave McCormick conceded Friday night to Mehmet Oz.

Now, Oz will run against Democrat John Fetterman in November.

Friday we heard for the first time from Fetterman’s doctor saying he’s known about his heart condition for five years, with Fetterman admitting he almost died.

Now the heart patient faces off against the heart surgeon.

“It’s now clear to me with the recount largely complete, that we have a nominee. And today I called Mehmet Oz to congratulate him on his victory.

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And with that the two person race between Mehmet Oz and john Fetterman is in the home stretch.

“The battle is over the independents and those folks who are what I refer to as weak Republicans or weak Democrats, folks who aren’t quite as into it as people who vote in primaries,” Nicholas said.

Republican strategist Chris Nicholas says the party will get in line behind Oz.

“His life is more grounded in reality. I think his views on most issues are more in line with with what Pennsylvanians want,” Nicholas said. “I think Fetterman has a lot of really outlandish, socialist like ideas.”

Democratic strategist Danielle Gross sees it differently.

“I personally don’t think that wanting a livable wage and making sure that people can have, you know, decent health care and a decent life makes him an extremist. My goodness,” Gross said.

But questions continue to swirl around Fetterman’s health.

A letter from his cardiologist says he was diagnosed with an irregular heart rhythm and decreased heart pump five years ago but never followed up.

Fetterman admits he stopped taking his medication and thought losing weight and exercising would be enough.

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“I mean, that’s like you know, college frat boy behavior, not the behavior of a constitutional officer in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” Nicholas said.

Some are asking the question ‘Is he fit to serve as lieutenant governor, let alone U.S. senator?’

“As long as he takes the the advice and is able to recover and hit the ground running when we get a little bit closer, I don’t think this will ultimately hurt him,” Gross said.

“For at least a couple of weeks, it’ll probably be Dr. Oz all to himself out on the campaign trail. I’m sure the Democrats will do a lot of zoom calls and that sort of stuff,” Nicholas said.

“John Fetterman has a whole slew of people who are Pennsylvanians who are great surrogates for him like his wife, Giselle, who can hit the ground running while he takes his doctor’s advice,” Gross said.

Oz released a statement saying “This evening I received a gracious phone call from David McCormick and am tremendously grateful for his pledge of support in the fall election. We share the goal of a brighter future for Pennsylvania and America. Now that our primary is over, we will make sure that this U.S. Senate seat does not fall into the hands of the radical left, led by John Fetterman. I look forward to campaigning in every corner of the Commonwealth for the next five months to earn the support of every Pennsylvanian.”

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