HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — It is a very conspicuous vehicle touting a behind-the-scenes process. It’s called redistricting, or the drawing of maps for elected officials.

“If folks add their voices to the chorus it will be different,” David Thornburgh said.

David Thornburgh, son of former Governor Dick Thornburgh, is driving his Voteswagon around the state to encourage citizens to get involved and reject the traditional cynicism.

“The map-making process is like the spoils of war and to the victor go the spoils and if you treat it that way you’re gonna end up with districts that carve up communities that make some votes count more than others,” Thornburgh said.

The last congressional maps were so flawed the state Supreme Court stepped in, threw them out and re-drew them.

“We can call it a victory if we can keep the state Supreme Court out of this, if we can have a fair and open and transparent process that engages Pennsylvanians,” Thornburgh said.

Thornburgh wants everyone to apply for one spot on the redistricting commission. The deadline to apply is Friday, April 9. If lots of Pennsylvanians do so, Thornburgh says, a message will be sent to Harrisburg powerbrokers.

“That you can’t take people for granted,” Thornburgh said. “You can’t treat them like refugees of some political war, you have to respect them and listen to them and incorporate their values into the way you draw maps.”

For more information about Draw The Lines Pa., visit their website here.