BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ)– As the November election draws closer, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Dr. Mehmet Oz made a few stops in Blair and Huntingdon Counties.

On Thursday, Oz made a stop at the Morrisons Cove Dairy Show in Martinsburg after visiting the Martinsburg Fire Hall. Oz’s visits focused on listening to what local farmers had to say about their struggles, especially as rising prices have taken a toll on a lot of Pennsylvanians.

“A lot of what I am trying to do is hear people,” Oz said. “I want to make sure that what’s being said today in Pennsylvania about cost of living, which is really hurting a lot of these farmers, about energy prices because they can’t afford to buy diesel for their tractors are reflected back in what we say in Washington.”

Oz spoke with volunteers at the fire hall about different funding opportunities to keep volunteer fire companies running such as Federal Emergency Management Agency grants.

“I wanted to understand how it comes together,” Oz said. “Who funded this new building? What were they able to do to get the community engaged? How do you keep 60 adults running towards fires?”

Dr. Oz was also asked about what he would do if he was the next senator to help fix raising inflation costs that have impacted Pennsylvania’s agriculture business. The candidate said that he would push for drilling, which is the exact opposite of the current administration.

The goal is to help keep the Pennsylvania community growing and for people to get better jobs.

“We can make our communities wealthier, help young people get new jobs and better jobs with career, tech and a future that they can really embrace,” Oz said.

Oz is currently polling behind his Democratic opponent, John Fetterman. Oz’s recent campaign messaging criticized Fetterman for not being as visible on the campaign trail.

“Hiding at home, which is what John Fetterman is currently doing, is a real problem for democracy,” Oz said. “It’s up to him to tell the people of Pennsylvania what’s going on, but he’s told us he’s feeling better and he’s doing well. So come out and play.”

Oz then traveled to Mount Union in the afternoon to speak with diners and members of the Huntingdon County Republican Party. Oz stated that although the issues he hears across the state are different, different communities keep saying there is one big one.

“Oh the most important without question is cost of living. People are devastated. Farmers in particular because they don’t have the money to pay for the extra fuel for their tractors. Fertilizer prices are through the roof. All related to the inability to get energy out of the ground and use it. And they’re livid because they know that we have the natural gas right below our feet here in Pennsylvania and we’re not allowed to use it.”

Oz once again criticized his opponent for not being on the campaign trail following his stroke in May.

“He never visits. And that I got to say is the biggest thing I’ve heard on the campaign trail. While I’m out there, done over 125 visits last month, He’s never gone out to campaign out of his house not once since the election.”

Oz will face Fetterman in the November general election.