YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — One key critic said it was at best, incompetence. Nearly a month after York County ran out of ballots, what have we learned about the election night debacle?

“It took me an hour to go and vote,” Voter Michael Kiesinger said.

At least Kiesinger was able to vote. Imagine being Scott Eichelberger whose wife Alyssa was on the ballot for school board but whose polling place ran out of Republican ballots.

“I unfortunately had to tell my wife I wasn’t able to vote for her,” Eichelberger said.

“We did run out of more Republican ballots than Democrat ballots,” York County president commissioner, Julie Wheeler said.

Herself a Republican, said then that was because Republican turnout increased by more than Democratic turnout. Now everyone’s looking for more specific clarity on what specifically went wrong.

“We have to fix this, because it can’t happen again,” added Wheeler.

So they’re meeting this Friday, the three commissioners “Along with the elections department and some of the other folks who’ve been involved in our elections task force,” continuing an investigation that didn’t have to dig too deep to reach one conclusion.

“We certainly know there weren’t enough ballots. I think everyone knows that. That’s pretty obvious,” Wheeler said. “But what we also need to dig into is when we figured out there was a problem, how did we react?”

In other words — “Did we have the appropriate processes in place behind the scenes to be nimble enough to react to that?” 

That matters because even if the same problem doesn’t happen again, a different problem could. One surprising piece of good news going into November?

“In some ways a general election is simpler than a primary because we won’t have as many variations of the ballot.” 

That’s because Democrats, Republicans and Independent voters, who all had different ballots in May, will all have the same ballots in November.