This week on Friday Morning Lights the Daybreak team is at Upper Dauphin Area High School.

They highlighted the school’s Trick or Trot 5K, agriculture department, discovery club, and diversified occupations program in addition to the outstanding faculty, football team, band, and cheerleaders.

Trick or Trot is a 5K race next Saturday October 26 at Upper Dauphin Area High School. Proceeds from the race will benefit the Trojan Educational Foundation to develop, promote and finance educational programs, activities, and projects for the school district. Last year’s race accounted for approximately $5,000 towards the foundation. 

The Agriculture Department at Upper Dauphin has a lot going on. First off, as part of the Greenhouse Production and Management class, students received poinsettias in early September and handle all aspects of growing and selling them locally from Thanksgiving through early December and the majority of the proceeds support student trips and activities. The department’s Nutrient Film Technology produces lettuce and other leafy greens using a constant supply of nutrient-enriched water. Each day, students monitor pH and nutrient concentrations in the solution. Lastly, the school’s aquaculture system is a closed-loop, recirculating system that’s populated with over 100 Tilapia that the students care for and harvest in May.

The discovery program meets 3 times per week at the high school and is based on character education. Students in discovery groups explore topics like courage, integrity, concern, and leadership. The program promotes students to not only be sound academically but to be good citizens as well. The program also does several community service projects.

Steven Heck is a football player and a morning Co-op students. He reports to work at 6 a.m. Mon.-Fri. 

Diversified Occupations, often called Co-op, includes the placement of students at a business or local establishment for on-the-job training for half of each school day. Students earn 3 academic credits for this work experience. Ongoing visitations and career counseling will take place throughout the school year with the Co-op Coordinator.

Upper Dauphin Area High would also like to highlight their Aevidum Club. One of the only schools in the area with a suicide prevention club with a focus on mental health awareness.

To wrap up the show, the Daybreak team previewed the football team’s match up with Pine Grove.

Mrs. Amy Gehring was chosen to receive a gift from the ABC27 Friday Morning Lights sponsor, Members 1st.

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Next week, the Daybreak team will travel to Bermudian Springs for Friday Morning Lights.