GETTYSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A new movie just began production in the Midstate. Filming for the movie “A Gettysburg Christmas” began earlier this week and will continue through February.

Actor Bo Brinkman, known for his role as Maj. Walter H. Taylor in the film “Gettysburg,” has returned to Gettysburg, this time as a director. His partner Kris Webb says this movie has been in the works for a while.

“Bo and I met 30 years ago through ‘Gettysburg’ the movie. We rekindled again about three, three-and-a-half years ago because of a vision out of Gettysburg. I’ve been really looking at Gettysburg for about 13 years saying, ‘How can we resurge something?'” said Webb.

Filming for “A Gettysburg Christmas” began this week at Dobbin House Restaurant & Tavern. Webb says viewers will see a lot of locals and local establishments in the film.

“When we approached the town saying we have a vision, we have a story we want to tell, but we cannot do it without you, they all rallied around, and it’s been beautiful,” said Webb.

Other locations seen in the movie will include Mr. G’s Ice Cream, Farnsworth House Inn, and The Christmas Haus, to name a few. As for Gettysburg residents, Johnny and Irene Powell were two of over 3,000 applicants to appear as extras, and they were selected to start on day one.

“It’s exciting, and what I like is it features the community and the town, separate from the battlefield,” said Irene.

The movie is set in modern-day Gettysburg, so there won’t be any gory scenes, but viewers should be prepared for the movie and the actors to “make people feel warm and fuzzy,” said actress Kelley Jakle.

Jakle, known for her role as Jessica Smith in “Pitch Perfect,” plays Hope, one of the central characters. She just got to town but loves Gettysburg already.

“Growing up in California, I have not experienced the same kind of history just all around me, so I love that off the bat, just that there’s so much history everywhere I look. And everyone so far has been nothing but kind and has really enveloped us in a sense of family. It’s been really wonderful,” Jakle said.

When it comes to casting actors, production leaders think Jakle, Lee Majors, Kate Vernon, Tom Vera, Jake Busey, Bruce Boxleitner, Sarah Burkett, and Sean Faris hit the mark.

“The rehearsal was the first time they all got together. They all spoke every word of the script, they were moved to tears multiple times, what happened was magical and beautiful, and as Bo had said, ‘I never sat at one quite like this,'” said Webb.

People who are in Gettysburg over the next few weeks will find that most local residents and businesses still have their Christmas decorations on display. The production asked locals to keep them up to fit the theme of the film.

Crews are looking at a release date in December 2024. The movie is supposed to premiere in Gettysburg at the Majestic Theater.