GETTYSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Road work is scheduled to start at the Gettysburg National Military Park this summer.

First, the good news. No road work will take place during the 160th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg commemoration from July 1 to 3, nor will there be road work on weekends or federal holidays.  

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Now the mixed bag of good and bad news. Beginning Monday, May 22, park roads on the southern portion of the battlefield will be repaved. The four-month-long project will tackle a number of road surfaces that are at the end of their lifespan.  

This project will require road closures that may at times block access to portions of the battlefield. Park roads may be fully closed or reduced to one lane of traffic. 

National Park Service Map showing road closures in Gettysburg, May through September.

Roads to be repaved in May and June 2023 include: 

  • Howe Avenue: May 22 to 26 – Full Closure. 
  • Birney Avenue: May 23 to 26 – Full Closure. 
  • North Sickles Avenue: May 23 to 26 – Full Closure. 
  • Sedgwick Avenue: May 30 to June 2 – Full Closure. 
  • Humphreys Avenue: May 31 to June 2 – Full Closure. 
  • Hancock Avenue (from Cyclorama Drive to Pleasonton Avenue): June 5 to 14 – Full Closure. 
  • Hancock Avenue (from Pleasonton Avenue to United States Avenue): June 5 to 14 – One Lane, Controlled Access. 
  • United States Avenue: June 19 to 27 – One Lane, Controlled Access. 

Roads to be repaved in July, August, and September 2023 do not yet have specific start dates.

Those dates include:   

  • South Confederate Avenue. 
  • Ayers Avenue. 
  • Cross/Brooke/Detrobriand Avenues. 
  • South Sickles Avenue, including the Devil’s Den parking lot. 
  • Crawford Avenue. 
  • Wheatfield Avenue. 
  • Berdan Avenue. 
  • West Confederate Avenue, including all associated parking areas. 

While scheduled paving dates may change due to weather or other factors, park officials say every effort will be made to complete the work as expeditiously as possible as well as minimize disruptions for park visitors.

For further updates on the road work schedules, you can check the park website and social media platforms.