GETTYSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A historic 101-acre farm believed to have ties to the Battle of Gettysburg has been listed for sale.

According to a Zillow listing by Mossy Oak Properties, the brick cottage was built in 1860 and “is thought to be a mustering point of the 1863 battle” in Gettysburg.

The cottage, which was being used as a rental property, has two bedrooms and one bathroom. A remodel of the home and some outdoor painting was completed about five years ago, and a portion of the porch was rebuilt.

The property also has a well, an on-lot septic system, and a private lane.

The property sits near Marsh Creek with a large barn that is used for holding livestock and storage. The farm is used to pasture cattle and produce hay.

While not certified organic, the listing says the farm does not use herbicides, pesticides, or GMO seeds and is fertilized with its own manure.

Wildlife such as small game, waterfowl, and whitetail deer are known to pass through the property. There are also opportunities for ATV and equestrian trails.

The property is located less than 5 miles from historic Gettysburg sites such as Devil’s Den and Little Round Top.

The property is currently listed for $3.5 million, and the seller is requesting that the buyer pay their transfer tax.