Author Spotlight: Chante Whisonant

Good Day PA

You never know people endure behind closed doors. 17 year-old Melanie Acuff must deal with a strained relationship with her alcoholic mother, be bullied by a former friend at school, while also being abused on a daily basis by her boyfriend. Yet through all of this, she still shines a smile. Soon, she won’t be able to keep the act up any longer as everything begins to crumble beneath her. –Synopsis: The Life Behind Her Smile: Everything Is Not As It Seems, By Chante Whisonant.

Author Chante Whisonant aims to bring adults the ever-changing point of view of a teenager during the trying times and situations in their life. She also wants to empower teens and help them build confidence and self-worth. We’ll learn more from the author herself in today’s Author Spotlight.

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