“Some things should be kept private. Frances Snyder can never quite get her mother’s voice out of her head-how to be the perfect wife, the perfect mother. Frances’s home life is demanding, and while she’s busy seeing to everyone else’s needs, Frances doesn’t have the luxury of spare time.

So when she is diagnosed with breast cancer, she thinks that she can handle it on her own. Dealing with endless tests, brutal chemotherapy, and the looming specter of surgery, Frances chooses to face cancer on her own terms: alone. That is, until she finally understands that unexpected friendship-and unconditional love-can offer hope in the darkest hours.

With tenderness, grace, and flashes of humor, bestselling author Sarah Price draws upon her own experience as a breast cancer survivor to create a story about one woman’s determined and solitary journey into the unknown-in hopes that she’ll find her way back home.”– Summary: The Faded Photo.

Author Sarah Price joined us today with her recent release, The Faded Photo. Her own life experiences are reflected in her book.

Learn more in the video above.