If you still need a costume for Halloween then you’re in luck! Amy Latta joins us to share two fast and simple costumes you can throw together in minutes. Plus some easy DIY decor that will light up your driveway for trick or treaters.

Ghost tour guide, retired park ranger, and paranormal investor Mark Nesbitt joins us to discuss his ghostly experiences in Gettysburg, the many books he’s written, and whether or not he believes in ghosts.

Amy, Amanda, and Brett try some fun and festive fall foods. Pumpkin spice vegan marshmallows, apple cider donut oreos, and pumpkin spice twinkies!

Step up your trick or treat candy this year! Amy Latta shows us how to craft a pumpkin bag full of candy and fun spiders out of lollipops.

Whip up a few tasty treats inspired by Winifred, Mary, and Sarah! The Unofficial Hocus Pocus Cookbook features recipes inspired by the classic Halloween film.

It’s a Good Day PA Halloween challenge! Brett, Amy, and Amanda see who can decorate their Halloween cookie the best! They have to tackle a pumpkin and spiderweb design.