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Mommy's Time Out: Breastfeeding Innovations!

Today, Amy presented some of her top picks for making breastfeeding and pumping easier on mothers.

Here is her list:

1. Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad: You place baby on it before and then after a nursing feed to weigh him/her in order to see how much milk baby transferred. The data goes to a smartphone app for easy tracking.

2. Freemie Collection Cups: These are milk collection cups that slip into a bra or tank top and allows you to pump hands free and discreetly.

3. Ashton Bee Silcone Breast Pump: If you are nursing your baby on one side, you suction this pump to your other side to catch milk that is being let down. 

4. Lacteck Pump2Baby Bottle: You hook your pump flange to the bottle and the milk can then travel directly to your baby as you pump.

5. Lacteck BabyMotion Flanges: These are soft and flexible to help with compression while pumping which may help women to express more milk.

6. Bumkins Wet Bags: While the CDC recommends washing pump parts after each pump session, some moms store their parts in a refrigerator. If you are sharing a work refrigerator, these bags allow you to discreetly place your pump parts there.

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