There are many symptoms of head and neck cancer but some may be easy to ignore. A Northumberland County man had a sense that something was wrong. 53-year-old Roberto Torres had a nagging pain in his throat that just wouldn’t go away, so he turned to Penn State Health for help.

Doctor David Goldenberg, chair of the department of otolaryngology at Penn State Health and Roberto’s surgeon provides some follow up information about head and neck cancer. Plus Erin Sarsfield, clinical coordinator with head and neck surgery at Penn State Health answers some viewer questions.

Head and neck cancer symptoms can often times be ignored by patients, that was the case for a Reading woman. Rosalie Moore thought she was just losing her voice, but that wasn’t the case it was much more serious. Here’s Rosalie’s story.

Joining us is Doctor Neerav Goyal, chief of the division of head and neck oncology and surgery at Penn State Health. He answers questions on the types of head and neck cancer, signs and symptoms of cancer and how his team helps treat patients.

Erin Sarsfield, clinical coordinator of head and neck surgery at Penn State Health is with us to answer more viewer questions including the impact of HPV, support groups for those with head and neck cancers, and if you are horse when is a good time to see the doctor.