Dr. Michael Farbaniec, Medical Director of Cardiac Disease Prevention at Penn State Health shares the signs and symptoms of heart issues, how often to see your doctor, and when you should go to the emergency room.

Dr. Priya Rajagopalan, Interventional Cardiologist at Penn State Health answers viewer questions like how effective heart rate devices are and what’s a normal range for your heart rate.

Don Farr from Lancaster County unexpectedly became a patient of Penn State Health after chest pain sent him to the ER. Don shares his story and how he’s changed his lifestyle to live a more heart healthy life.

Joyce Wert lost her son unexpectedly to cardiac disease and now she is hoping to help others prevent a life threating situation before it happens. Hear more from Joyce and what she hope viewers take away from today’s program.

Dr. Priya Rajagopalan answers more viewer questions like the risk factors of coronary artery disease and how your family history impacts your risk of heart disease.