This week, Penn State Health opened the brand new Lancaster Medical Center, delivering on their promise to bring an extraordinary patient experience to the Lancaster community. Here’s a look inside the new medical center.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Next Wednesday night at 7:30 here on ABC27, Penn State Health will host hope and courage, a tribute to breast health. You will meet 81 year old Carol Forsythe and 38 year old Lindsey Dimond who both were diagnosed with breast cancer.

Jenny Zimmerman, Vice President of Nursing for Adult Acute Care at Penn State Health joins us to share how nurses have faired during the past few years of the COVID-19 pandemic and how other folks can join their nursing team.

Last Wednesday night we aired a show about prostate cancer screening and treatment. There was an overwhelming response from viewers who participated in the live webchat with doctors from Penn State Health. We wanted to share one of those stories with you today that serves as a reminder why prostate cancer screening is so important. Here’s Danan Harris’ story.