The holidays are here and we will be spending a lot of time with our families and friends. We may not always recognize neurological issues in ourselves, but sometimes our families can tell a difference or can notice that something might not be quite right. Here today to talk about some signs and symptoms to be aware of and how those disorders are treated are neurology experts from Penn State Health. Dr. Gary Thomas, Director of the MS Center at Penn State Health shares more about what MS is, the symptoms, treatment, and research.

Dr. Sol De Jesus, Co-Director of the Deep Brain Stimulation Program at Penn State Health joins us to share more about her department, the outcomes of brain stimulation and how you can learn more about this treatment option.

Strokes are common and happen fast. Dr. Raymond Reichwein, Co-Director of Penn State Health Stroke Center joins us to share the signs and symptoms of a stroke, what to do if someone is having a stroke and even ways to prevent a stroke from happening.

Dr. Reichwein joins us again to share more about treatments for a stroke, new treatments that help patients regain function, who’s a candidate for those treatments and more.