Penn State Health : Nurses Week, Importance of Check-Ups for Men, Signs of a Stroke, and more

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The last year has been very challenging for medical professionals across the country so celebrating Nurses Week this year is even more important. Gloria Santos, Chief Nursing Office at Penn State Health Holy Spirit shares how they’re celebrating and the opportunities to join their team.

Just like you give your car or house routine maintenance, your body and physical health need maintenance to stay working it’s best. Doctor Eldra Daniels, Family Medicine Specialist at Penn State Health Medical Group encourages all, men especially to stay regular with their check-ups.

A trauma center provides critical care and expertise beyond an emergency room. Amy Bollinger, Program Manager for pediatric trauma and injury prevention shares what the center does, and how to prevent a visit to the trauma center.

Cesar Valasco, Stroke Program Coordinator at Penn State Health shares the signs and symptoms of a stroke, treatment options, and advice on regular medical check-ups.

Doctor Deflitch is back and answering your questions on the COVID-19 vaccine, strain variants, updated CDC guidelines, and more.

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