Cardiac arrest can happen at any age, and a York County family knows that all too well. Josh and Leah Miller share their daughter, Bristol’s story.

Doctor Jason Imundo, Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology at Penn State Health Children’s Hospital shares an update on Bristol, how common heart attacks are in children, and how to establish heart healthy habits at a young age.

Dr. Robert Tunks Pediatric Cardiologist at Penn State Health Children’s Hospital answers your questions regarding heart murmurs, and the most common heart disease in children.

At just three days old Ryder Wetzel was rushed to Penn State Health Children’s Hospital. Several surgeries over the first few years of his life helped Ryder grow into the brother, baseball player, and 2nd grader he is today.

Doctor Elisa Bradley, Medical Director of the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program at Penn State Health and Doctor Brian Clark, Chief of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at Penn State Health Children’s Hospital join us to share more about Ryder, how their team works together to treat patients from childhood through adulthood, and the future of pediatric care.

Dr. Tunks answers more viewer questions including if a child should have a cardiac test before playing sports or if a special diet is necessary to prevent heart disease.