Penn State Health : Signs of Alzheimer’s, Penn State OnDemand, Winter Safety Tips

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We have been hearing a lot about how our local hospitals and emergency rooms have been impacted by increased volumes. Dr. Dillion with Penn State Health shares some insights about when it’s appropriate to visit an emergency room and when urgent care or your primary physician is your best option.

Memory loss can happen as we age but when should be concerned about family members if we are noticing changes in their memory or behavior? Dr. Eslinger from Penn State Health Neuroscience Institute shares the signs and symptoms you should look out for.

Penn Stat Health OnDemand allows you to see your doctor virtually, and their services are growing to include neurology. Dr. Reichwein the Co-Director of the Penn State Health Comprehensive Stroke Center shares more about the app update.

The holidays means the arrival of winter weather and your children will likely want to get out and enjoy the snow. Amy Bollinger, Program Manager of Pediatric Trauma and Prevention at Penn State Health shares tips for keeping yourself and your family safe this winter.

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