It’s a new year, do you want to get healthier in 2023? Dr. Shahid a family primary care sports medicine physician at Penn State Health Medical Group Upper Allen shares his tips on staying healthy, how often you should be visiting your primary care doctor, and who would benefit from seeing sports medicine specialist.

Women have specific health needs that their gynecologist can help with. That’s why it is so important to maintain yearly visits. Dr. Hunter, Obstetrics and Gynecology Director at Penn State Health Lancaster Medical Center shares more on the importance of regular check ups, trying to conceive, and menopause.

Many people have the goal of losing weight and getting healthy in 2023. If you are really struggling with dropping those pounds and may be wondering if surgical weight loss is right for you, we can help answer some of your questions. Hear from two bariatric surgeons with Penn State Health about the types of surgery available and who qualifies.

Did you know that 15 out of every 1,000 men and women will get a hernia each year? If you are one of these people, Penn State Health Holy Spirit Medical Center is hosting a special educational event in Cumberland County to talk about hernia treatment, and screen those who may have one. Dr. Chang, General Surgeon and Hernia Specialist at Penn State Health shares more about hernias and the event.