Both men and women are at risk of developing hernias. Michael Kincheloe of Luzerne County knows this all too well. His hernia was more complex than the average patient. Denise McCracken shares his story.

Dr. Eric Pauli, Chief of the Division of Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery at Penn State Health and Michaels surgeon joins us to share more about Michael’s case, the procedures he is working on, and where locally you can get treatment.

Dr. Alli Vamsi , Minimally Invasive Surgeon at Penn State Health answers viewer questions on what to do if you have a hernia, and how you know it’s time to have surgery.

Angie Bishop is a busy woman, mother and avid runner, she had to slow down to take care of herself when she developed a hernia. Thanks to the team at Penn State Health she is up and running again with her daughter Claire.

Dr. Wayne Chang, General Surgeon at Penn State Health Hampden and Holy Spirit Medical Centers, and Angie’s surgeon shares more about women getting hernias, the importance of regular screenings, and the personalized care they receive at Penn State Health.

Dr. Liz Sodomin, Minimally Invasive Surgeon at Penn State Health joins us to answer viewer questions like the chance of a hernia recurrence, repair techniques, and what questions to ask before surgery.