Fall sports have officially begun and sometimes players get injured. One Lebanon County family has faced more than their share of knee injuries. The Young family has dealt with several torn ACLs over the years. They turned to doctors at Penn State Health Sports Medicine with the goal of getting back in the game.

Dr. Robert Gallo, Orthopaedic Surgeon at Penn State Bone and Joint Institute joins us to share more about the Young sister’s recovery and ACL injuries.

Dr. Matthew Silvis, Division Chief of Primary Care Sports Medicine at Penn State Health answers viewer questions including when to use heat or ice to treat an injury, and how to recover from a sprained ankle.

Dr. Joseph Andrie, Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician with Penn State Health joins us to discuss concussions, the signs and symptoms, treatment, and whether it’s safe to let a child sleep after they’ve had a concussion.

Dr. Andrie and Dr. Gallo join us to discuss non-surgical treatment for injuries, the importance of therapy and how exercise plays a big role both in prevention and treatment.

Dr. Silvis answers more viewer questions about exercise, the importance of stretching, and how students can prevent back pain this school year.